Layaway for airfares. The easiest way to cross off your dream trips on your bucket list!

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The Airfordable Booking Process is Easy

Lock in your ticket months in advance when it's cheaper
Spread out your airfare into monthly or biweekly payments
Receive your ticket after you've made all your payments

How can Airfordable Help you?


Price Protection

Say no to travel sites that require a lump sum payment upfront. Let us know your travel plans and we'll hold your airfare months early when its cheaper to prevent unpredictable hikes no one is ever happy about.

Say no to Interest and credit checks

We don't not charge any compounded interest. We only charge a one time fee that is even divided out in your monthly or biweekly payments. You pay small chunks of it in each payment.


You're in Control

Now you don't need to pay a lump sum upfront for your ticket. Choose a monthly or biweekly payment plan that fit right into your budget. You'll see real progress every month and have peace of mind to focus on the other parts of your trip planning.


Safe, Secure and Guaranteed

Every interaction with Airfordable uses bank-level security and encrytion. Sensitive data is safe with Airfordable. You are guaranteed to receive your e-ticket details once you 've successfully made all your payments ahead of your trip. No gimmicks. No hassle.

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What are people saying about Airfordable?

The best part about Airfordable is that no credit check is required, making this truly an option for everyone regardless of their financial footings.


Dan P

Travel blogger @

I love @FlyAirfordable for their market focus-I believe diaspora markets are largely misunderstood by both entrepreneurs & investors alike.


Tom C

Founder of Techstars’ Risingstars Program

Absolutely in love with the concept behind @FlyAirfordable! Love companies that are making traveling attainable!


Brittany A


I love love love what you are doing with Airfordable! OMG!


Lauren M

Founder of

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